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High Tunnels - Umbraculos  - Viveros-  Pasticos

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Viveros -  Hight tunnels - Umbraculos

Our high tunnels are designed to provide optimum protection for your crops, allowing you to  increase yields. Our  plastic coverings are designed to be durable and long-lasting, and our silage plastic is perfect to control weeds without chemicals.  Our High tunnels  are easy to install and don't need any especial tool to do it.   Contact us for information

Plastics/ Silage

 Plastic Film:    support uniform plant growth and
prevent burns.The film contains UV stabilizers to prevent deterioration in  sunlight & are  6 mil thickness . It  also contains an IR additive, which prevents heat loss at night, and keeps your greenhouse from overheating during hot days  and anti-condensate. It has 90 % total light transmission light &  55%  light diffusion, improving light distribution inside your greenhouse, and reducing shadows

Silage tarps are made of 5 mil polyethylene plastic. Use silage tarps to create a stale seedbed through the process of occultation, which involves blocking light. Prepare your bed as you normally would, then cover with the silage tarp. The tarp will create a warm, moist environment, causing weed seeds in the soil to germinate. However, since the silage tarp blocks light from reaching the soil, the weeds will subsequently die. As the dead plant matter collects under the tarp, earthworms will rise to the surface to feed on the plant matter, enriching the soil. The end result is a fertile and weed-free environment for your crops.
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